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After a dismal reporting of Q2 for TripAdvisor it has the research team out speaking with hotels asking for more attractive solutions.  The conversation covers many topics and includes suggestions for all of the current solutions in place.

The introduction of online travel agencies into the hotel TripAdvisor pages was a turning point in the relationship between TripAdvisor and hotels. TripAdvisor sees this opportunity and hotels cringe as this was a primary stream of direct reservations taken from the TripAdvisor website directed to their own site for internal bookings is now gone. Hotels are seeing a huge drop of traffic from TripAdvisor as they change the style of the pages to keep them on their website and entice people to not only do reviews, but to also book hotel stays, tours and more.

One recommendation we provided was the addition of online chat to the TripAdvisor page and let the hotel staff manage this traffic.  This is truly a win win for both TripAdvisor and hotels.  The hotel staff can log into a online chat portal and handle all the chat inquires on their TripAdvisor hotel page.  Of course TripAdvisor has concerns that the potential guest is not being handled correctly but that can be easily monitored by an end of chat review.  The question now is how much will the hotels pay to subscribe to the online chat service?

top 10 wedding hotels by TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor integrity fail

We have always been TripAdvisor advocates but it seems that TripAdvisor is spiraling out of control. We recently found a glaring content mistake. On the TripAdvisor Owner page ( there is a testimonial. The testimonial content comes from a TripAdvisor insights video  and the thumbnail picture represents the property El Taj Condo Hotel, where as the name and location displayed in the testimonial is completely wrong.  The testimonial was not done by Dario and Ambra in Naples, Italy but from Kenneth Schmidt in Playa del Carmen Mexico.

TripAdvisor Fail

We also found that if you do a internet search on “top wedding hotels in [any city]” TripAdvisor now has many links to pages that will list the top wedding hotels for the city you typed in.  When we inquired to TripAdvisor about this new listing, the answer was that the search engine optimization department are creating these pages based on review content.  In all fairness they mentioned that there is possible some other criteria that goes into the page.

When TripAdvisor started they were simply a travel review site.  Over the years they saw opportunities to get into the reservation business and now have added all the online travel agencies, constantly inventing ways to get people to book on TripAdvisor with less focus on their core business, reviews.

In reality there is not allot of integrity in the actual reviews since there is no real verification of the stays, the content on the pages can now be questioned by this glaring testimonial fail and now TripAdvisor is creating pages on reviews with keywords.


Want bad reviews? Turn away a booked guest

The strategy of Automated Contacts is to advise our clients that happy and satisfied guests leave great reviews on TripAdvisor. Some of our clients like to push the limit to maximize revenue by overbooking. To over come the impact of a negative review, Taylor Short from Software Advice, a hotel reservation research firm, recently posted a great article on strategies for satisfying a turned away or “walk” guest.


TripAdvisor - Automated Contacts

Increase TripAdvisor Ranking

We are asked regularly how to increase your TripAdvisor ranking.  The Four Seasons Hotel in Austin recently jumped up 26 spots on TripAdvisor to become Austin’s highest rated hotel.

We recently caught up with Rob Hagelberg, Austin Four Seasons’ general manager, to find how they improved their reviews. Here are a few of the best practices Four Seasons in Austin uses to stay on top:

  1. Monitor social activity to identify new customer reviews;
  2. Give staff a deadline for responding to negative reviews;
  3. Use a standard template to respond to all negative reviews; and,
  4. Leave a personalized message to thank people for their positive review.

The team at Software Advice, a company that offers free reviews and comparisons of hotel management software, provided this article. To read the complete story please click here.