Playa del Carmen Hotel Marketing

Successful Playa del Carmen Hotel Marketing requires a dedicated team of marketing professionals working on all areas of digital marketing. Reputation management of comments on Tripadvisor and Facebook continues to be very important but Google Reviews and management of the Google My Business page is starting to become more important than ever for Playa del Carmen hotel marketing and any businesses hoping to show up on Google search naturally without paying for Google Adwords.

A checklist for a successful Hotel Marketing manager might look something like this, listed in order of importance:

  • A Google friendly, mobile friendly website
  • Google My Business Page
  • Youtube Videos/Drone videos of property or business
  • A good Reputation Manager for Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook Reviews

Most Playa del Carmen hotels and other businesses have a website. A bad one. One that does not show up on Google Search because it lacks good written content and only has photos or does not have easy to access info. about the hotel, business or property. A website with compelling ad copy and engaging Youtube videos could be a moneymaker that brings you sales leads and even online sales instead of just a token website with a few photos and your logo.

The Google My Business Page is a must, of course, and will get you on google maps. But nowadays it requires reputation management and many people don’t know it can be used to enhance your search engine visibility by actively using the new Post Feature. This is similar to other social media posting like Facebook or Twitter only much better because it is Google.

Reputation Management  for online reviews and comments is something that should be handled by a professional writer. Sadly, many businesses will cut corners and just use reception staff to respond to Reviews instead of a professional who can respond in an intelligent way or even have some reviews removed.

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TripAdvisor - Automated Contacts

Increase TripAdvisor Ranking

We are asked regularly how to increase your TripAdvisor ranking.  The Four Seasons Hotel in Austin recently jumped up 26 spots on TripAdvisor to become Austin’s highest rated hotel.

We recently caught up with Rob Hagelberg, Austin Four Seasons’ general manager, to find how they improved their reviews. Here are a few of the best practices Four Seasons in Austin uses to stay on top:

  1. Monitor social activity to identify new customer reviews;
  2. Give staff a deadline for responding to negative reviews;
  3. Use a standard template to respond to all negative reviews; and,
  4. Leave a personalized message to thank people for their positive review.

The team at Software Advice, a company that offers free reviews and comparisons of hotel management software, provided this article. To read the complete story please click here.


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TripAdvisor TripConnect

TripConnect: 6 Things To Know

TripAdvisor - Automated Contacts1. How will TripConnect work? You’ll use TripConnect to bid on traffic visiting your TripAdvisor area or property page. That bid, in relation to others, will determine your position in the Hotel Price Comparison Search box. The TripConnect platform will help optimize your bids to place your property in top position at the time of set up. When users click your link, they’ll be redirected to your property’s booking page and you’ll be charged the amount that you bid for the click.

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Trip Advisor Please Fix

As a General Manager of a top ranked hotel, I see one huge flaw with Trip Advisor.  My inventory includes a good number of three bedroom units. In this day of age a three bedroom is a great choice for families traveling together or couples sharing rooms to keep costs down.  So the traveler goes on Trip Advisor to check out their options and once they decide on the hotel they wish to stay at they enter the check in date, the check out date, and the selection of adults.

The maximum entry for adults is 4?!?.  Now the potential guest clicks the Show Prices button and Trip Advisor starts opening windows to view the pricing and options of the hotels booking partner(s). This is where the flaw begins, the hotel booking partner web sites see that 4 adults were selected and assumes the guest is looking for a 2 bedroom unit. Most booking partners that book with Trip Advisor do not even display the hotels three bedroom options or make it difficult or not as easy to change the option.  I am sure this flaw is hurting my business and many other hotels with the same situation.

The ironic part is every online travel agency website has a selection for the number of adults and the number of children.  Why is Trip Advisor over looking this issue?  Trip Advisor, Please Fix!!