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WordPress Hosting on Google Cloud

We are going to share our experiences as we take on the challenge of moving our WordPress web site hosting from our current provider to the Google Cloud.  We currently host about 25 WordPress separate websites (not multisite) on our Mac server hosted by Macstadium. This solution costs us around $150 a month. The Google […]

TripAdvisor solution

After a dismal reporting of Q2 for TripAdvisor it has the research team out speaking with hotels asking for more attractive solutions.  The conversation covers many topics and includes suggestions for all of the current solutions in place. The introduction of online travel agencies into the hotel TripAdvisor pages was a turning point in the […]

TripAdvisor integrity fail

We have always been TripAdvisor advocates but it seems that TripAdvisor is spiraling out of control. We recently found a glaring content mistake. On the TripAdvisor Owner page (https://www.tripadvisor.com/Owners) there is a testimonial. The testimonial content comes from a TripAdvisor insights video  and the thumbnail picture represents the property El Taj Condo Hotel, where as […]