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Maya Villa is a separate website of the brand Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen and uses the same layout but different colors to differentiate the properties.  The online reservation system for the website is also an extension of the Condo Hotels property management system.

Automated Contacts is now a TripAdvisor IBE partner

Automated Contacts and TripAdvisorStarting in Q4 2013, TripConnect will empower you to add a link to your TripAdvisor profile featuring your rates and availability — and sending travelers directly to your online reservations center. Your TripConnect link will appear alongside links from Online Travel Agents, giving you an incredible opportunity to generate incremental revenue and maximize direct bookings.

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We are now a certified IBE for TripAdvisor.  Here is some infomation regarding an IBE.

What is an Internet Booking Engine?
An Internet Booking Engine (IBE) is software that helps you support bookings made online directly on your property’s website.
How does an IBE work?
An IBE is installed on the reservations page of your property’s website, where it enables your customers to book with you directly online. When customers enter their travel preferences (travel dates, number of guests), the IBE contacts either your Central Reservation System or Property Management System and receives rates and availability, which are then displayed to customers on your reservations page.

Automated Contacts develops web sales machines

  • Tip #4: Simplify page design, always be closing

Websites are sales machines. They are open 7×24 and should always be generating sales. Designers can no longer deliver vanity projects, and websites that  are  “good looking”. In order to thrive against the competition, your website need to always be closing. We believe the main focus for every website is to gain more business by driving users to book and having a user-friendly online reservations system pays-off.

This means that your website should have a “Book Now” button visible on every page, preferably at the same spot. This simplifies design and ensures consumers know where to go when they are ready to book. In addition, you should promote deals on pages, offer options to contact the hotel, and allows your guests to purchase Gift Certificates. Every page should help consumers get closer to booking a stay at your hotel.

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Automated Contacts online reservation system

Automated Contacts Online REservation systemThis article is a classic example of how to do it wrong:

Many hotel websites are still lagging behind, when it comes to online booking and user experience. And yet, hotels websites are the ones that need to deliver so much more than their retail counterparts to be able to create a pre-customer experience and compete for a travelers direct booking. Read the rest at:

We at Automated Contacts are proud to announce that our online reservation system has an excellent conversion rate with a great user experience.