Automated Contacts is now a TripAdvisor IBE partner

Automated Contacts and TripAdvisorStarting in Q4 2013, TripConnect will empower you to add a link to your TripAdvisor profile featuring your rates and availability — and sending travelers directly to your online reservations center. Your TripConnect link will appear alongside links from Online Travel Agents, giving you an incredible opportunity to generate incremental revenue and maximize direct bookings.

For information on how this can help your hotel or property management company, click here.

We are now a certified IBE for TripAdvisor.  Here is some infomation regarding an IBE.

What is an Internet Booking Engine?
An Internet Booking Engine (IBE) is software that helps you support bookings made online directly on your property’s website.
How does an IBE work?
An IBE is installed on the reservations page of your property’s website, where it enables your customers to book with you directly online. When customers enter their travel preferences (travel dates, number of guests), the IBE contacts either your Central Reservation System or Property Management System and receives rates and availability, which are then displayed to customers on your reservations page.
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