The Snorkel Shop responsive website design

Is your website responsive?

If you are looking to update your website or you still don’t have a mobile website yet.  It’s time to venture into a responsive website design.  Your asking, “what does that mean?”.  It means your website will resize “responsively” to the device that is looking at your site.  For example, look at the website on your phone, a responsive website resizes accordingly and still looks fantastic.  This is the same on a tablet, any size phone or any new devices in the future.

Here is an article that describes that a responsive web design is Google’s recommended design pattern.  The serving of the pages are the same regardless of the device while the website does the resizing in the code.  Automated Contacts has developed a responsive design website for The Snorkel Shop.

The site goes from a full screen on a desktop/laptop down to a mobile version size:

The Snorkel Shop responsive website designThe Snorkel Shop responsive website designYou can note that the navigation bar turns into a drop down menu for the mobile user to have simple navigation.

Looking to redesign your website?  Have Automated Contacts create a new responsive design website while still maintaining the conversions necessary to achieve a healthy business.



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