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TripConnect - Automated ContactsA conversation was started in a Linked In Group about TripConnect (  I would like to share my comments in this conversation.

First off I say TripConnect is great! The TripConnect has shown to be greatly successful for the hotels that are on our software solution connected to TripConnect. But the hotel is still handicapped as they don’t get the daily reports an OTA gets from TripAdvisor to be a fair. So if there are a number of OTA’s on a hotel TA listing page along with the “Official Site”, the hotel has to login into the TA management center almost daily to verify the position bid and it takes a day for any changes to become effective. The video shows that the hotel as the only available option which is not realistic unless the hotel is limiting inventory to the OTA’s?!? My other issue is the “Official Site”, does the average consumer know who this is?

I own a software company that offers property management that interfaces with TripConnect, Automated Contacts, and I manage 4 boutique hotels in Mexico, Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen. I can answer questions about our experiences with TripConnect as it relates to my hotels. The top spot ROI is lower than being in the 2nd or 3rd position. The price difference between 1 as compared to 2nd/3rd is significant, managing this position is very difficult from the hotel owner perspective, its a daily task for my staff. Are smaller budgets at a disadvantage, absolutely as the hotel has no control of the timing or distribution options in the TripAdvisor management center. Use the budget per day option, your day starts and you burn the clicks early. Use the monthly cap option and this could cost more than expected. Have we benefited? Yes, it is a viable reservation stream for our hotels in an attempt to lower OTA reservations or Search Engine PPC budget.

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