The new gadget – Sony Internet Player with Google TV

Google TV - Automated ContactsI am the geek who must play with every new (affordable) gadget.  This month it’s the Sony Internet Player with Google TV.  This is an amazing piece of equipment but still a baby to what I believe is soon to come.  The features I found most useful is the remote control.  A bit bulky and heavy but workable.  One side is a touch pad for doing mouse activities and then the full keyboard on the other side for typing.

When I saw the Google Play store I thought I was in store for downloading all the Android apps that you can find on a mobile device or tablet.  That is not the case.  Once you enter the store there is only app developed for the Google TV and there is very few, bummer!  So for now I only use the device for NetFlix, Amazon movies and YouTube.  All this for $149 at Best Buy.  Last month I bought the Roku and if you were to compare the two, the Roku is a little easier to navigate but the Google TV has much more features and abilities.

If you need further information, feel free to contact me.