How to Implement a Ritz Carlton Level of Service in your Hotel

Ritz Carlton - Automated ContactsAs a hotel manager, ensuring that your customers receive excellent service should be your top priority. Good service is a major contributing factor to customers’ brand loyalty; it can help your hotel stand above the rest to attract and retain a loyal guest following.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is not only world-renowned for being a premier provider of luxury lifestyle experiences, but also for providing legendary customer service – so much so that a book was written about it. Their reputation for going above and beyond customers’ expectations and cultivating brand loyalty has made devotees of their service model in the hospitality industry and beyond.

Recently, I reached out to Kelly Steward, General Manager at The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland, to find out how other hotel managers can achieve a level of service that meets The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company’s famous standards. Steward also serves as a speaking ambassador for The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Training Center, where she hosts courses, workshops and seminars that teach both internal and external customers – from hotel managers to leaders of healthcare and financial institutions – how to improve their customer service. Here are five tips she shared:

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