Automated Contacts is now a TripAdvisor IBE partner

Automated Contacts and TripAdvisorStarting in Q4 2013, TripConnect will empower you to add a link to your TripAdvisor profile featuring your rates and availability — and sending travelers directly to your online reservations center. Your TripConnect link will appear alongside links from Online Travel Agents, giving you an incredible opportunity to generate incremental revenue and maximize direct bookings.

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We are now a certified IBE for TripAdvisor.  Here is some infomation regarding an IBE.

What is an Internet Booking Engine?
An Internet Booking Engine (IBE) is software that helps you support bookings made online directly on your property’s website.
How does an IBE work?
An IBE is installed on the reservations page of your property’s website, where it enables your customers to book with you directly online. When customers enter their travel preferences (travel dates, number of guests), the IBE contacts either your Central Reservation System or Property Management System and receives rates and availability, which are then displayed to customers on your reservations page.

Automated Contacts enters WordPress World

WordPress enables quick and easy ways for you to update your web site.  We will save you both time and money – especially if you frequently update information on prices, specials, events, and vacation promotions. Originally designed as blogging software, the world learned to embrace it as a search engine and user friendly website design platform. Contact us to get started.

Here are some Automated Contacts WordPress websites:

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Trip Advisor Please Fix

As a General Manager of a top ranked hotel, I see one huge flaw with Trip Advisor.  My inventory includes a good number of three bedroom units. In this day of age a three bedroom is a great choice for families traveling together or couples sharing rooms to keep costs down.  So the traveler goes on Trip Advisor to check out their options and once they decide on the hotel they wish to stay at they enter the check in date, the check out date, and the selection of adults.

The maximum entry for adults is 4?!?.  Now the potential guest clicks the Show Prices button and Trip Advisor starts opening windows to view the pricing and options of the hotels booking partner(s). This is where the flaw begins, the hotel booking partner web sites see that 4 adults were selected and assumes the guest is looking for a 2 bedroom unit. Most booking partners that book with Trip Advisor do not even display the hotels three bedroom options or make it difficult or not as easy to change the option.  I am sure this flaw is hurting my business and many other hotels with the same situation.

The ironic part is every online travel agency website has a selection for the number of adults and the number of children.  Why is Trip Advisor over looking this issue?  Trip Advisor, Please Fix!!

Email Marketing – Newsletter

Here is another example of a Automated Contacts email marketing campaign.  Every time you send a campaign, we’ll show you who is opening it, clicking links, forwarding it to their friends, liking it on Facebook or mentioning it on Twitter. Here’s the cool part—we’ll show you this on a map, in real-time, all wrapped in a gorgeous user interface.