wordpress hosting with google-cloud

WordPress Hosting on Google Cloud

We are going to share our experiences as we take on the challenge of moving our WordPress web site hosting from our current provider to the Google Cloud.  We currently host about 25 WordPress separate websites (not multisite) on our Mac server hosted by Macstadium. This solution costs us around $150 a month.

The Google calculators show a single WordPress hosting at around $24 a month.  As you can see that is a much more expensive solution that our current but, that is based on using a 1vCPU & 3.75 GB memory setup, their recommended setup.  There are 2 more lower setups, micro (1 shared 1vCPU & .6 memory) and small (1 shared 1vCPU & 1.7 memory).   We put one of our low traffic websites on the small setup and so far the site has been working just fine. Based on a few weeks of use, it appears that this setup is going to cost more if the range of $14 a month.

We did try putting a WordPress website on the micro selection and the minute we tried to make some site modifications in the WordPress admin panel, plug in maintenance and such, the commuting machine became overloaded and the site would not load, eventually timing out.  We log into the Google Cloud Console and it displays that the VM is being over computed and gives you the ability to upgrade to the next level.  We set the site using the small setup and so far everything is good. We did learn that when you upgrade the commuting machine, it changed our IP address. Once we changed the DNS settings we were back in business.

In another post we will document the steps to start the process.  Going down this path you must have some command line computer abilities.  The WordPress hosting on Google Cloud is Linux and you are using SSH to communicate with the hosting.  You upload files to your home location and then have to copy them into the hosting folders.