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Online Payment Solutions

Online Payment Solutions

Payjunction - Automated ContactsAutomated Contacts has existing online payment solutions for Developers with help for Payjunction,, and GoEmerchant gateway providers. Code is written in .NET C#.

Sample Code

With the use of a compiled Automated Contacts dll, writing the code on the page is as sample as below.

ac_payjunction payj = new ac_payjunction();
payj.address = tbaddress1.Text;
payj.amount = tbamount.Text;
payj.card_code = tbccv.Text;
payj.card_num = tbcreditcard.Text; = tbcity.Text;
payj.description = “”;
payj.exp_month = ddlmonth.SelectedValue;
payj.exp_year = ddlyear.SelectedValue;
payj.first_name = tbfirst.Text;
payj.last_name = tblast.Text;
payj.invoiceid = “”;
payj.state = tbstate.Text;
payj.trans_id = “”; = tbzip.Text;
string result =  payj.postAction(“AUTHORIZATION_CAPTURE”);

string[] tokens = result.Split(new string[] {“dc_”},StringSplitOptions.None);
string post = “”;
int ii = 0;
int iresult = 0;

foreach (string s in tokens)
post += s + “<br />”;

Email Marketing by Automated Contacts

Email Marketing

Automated Contacts provides an complete email marketing system and strategy that works.

  • Send out email campaigns yourself.
  • Manage your own subscribers.
  • Each campaign will have very analytical but simple reports.
  • Choose between per campaign billing or monthly subscriptions.

Email Designer

Automated Contacts will setup your template and all you have to do is fill in the blanks. The designer is simplified so even the novice computer user can fill it out. Adding pictures and links is a breeze. Have the template done? Let us a take a peek to make sure it works with our coding standards and off you go.

Email Marketing - Automated ContactsManage Subscribers

You have full control of subscriber management, enter names one at a time or import from a list* (list import assistance available). The system will make sure there are no duplicates, remember who’s email bounced and unsubscribed. This way you are guaranteed not to send someone an unwanted email. We can also provide code to copy and paste to your own website or Facebook page to capture.


From the second the campaign is sent our very powerful analytic reporting will monitor the email campaign; who opened, how many bounced, how many clicked a link, unsubscribed and forwarded. It also provides a list of the most popular links and who clicked it. Complete tracking for recipient activity, link click activity, email client usage and a complete bounce summary. All this will post into your Google Analytic too.

Email Marketing by Automated Contacts

Wordpress by Automated Contacts

Website Development

Website Design, Hosting and Online Application Development

There’s more to having a website than registering a domain name and hosting web pages on the Internet. Automated Contacts goes beyond this by offering website marketing, optimization not only for search engines but even programming websites so they can be expanded rather than redeveloped to accommodate changes in business. One of the most important services offered by the Automated Contacts is the overall “management” of almost every aspect relating to the website including development. Automated Contacts have professionals in both Apache and Microsoft IIS web servers. Coding can be done in PHP or .NET platforms. We develop applications that adhere to the unique configuration of business logic, rules, and means of transferring data.

Key to the Rockies - Automated ContactsWordPress

Automated Contacts creates incredible websites using the WordPress platform. WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the market today. Originally designed as blogging software, the web design world learned to embrace it as a search engine and user-friendly platform. Automated Contacts recommends WordPress as as the preferred website design platform.

TripAdvisor for Business by Automated Contacts


Automated Contacts specializes in all the services provided by TripAdvisor.  Reputation management is not an option anymore it is a necessity. But there is more than reputation management. The reality is TripAdvisor is one of the largest and most reputable travel sites on the planet. It now represents the top referral site on most hotels or property websites. The traffic it generates is enormous.  The business it can create is equally as large but it takes a strategy and a plan.

TripAdvisor Review Express - Automated ContactsWe have developed the tasks in our software to follow a very strategic plan plan. The strategy is fairly straight forward and if followed it will insure that your property will list in the top spots in the ranking of TripAdvisor.  We have been involved with properties that held the number one spot for more than a year, we have seen the effects of a property not doing the right things.

Automated Contacts has been certified as a certified IBE (Internet booking engine) for TripAdvisor. TripConnect sends travelers who are ready to book straight from TripAdvisor to your website’s booking page hosted with Automated Contacts.  Click here to learn more about TripAdvisor TripConnect.