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Our design team – website and logos!

Need to give a shout out to our design department.  They have put together yet another great logo for a client, yes I said logo.  When we get a request to update a client website, it starts with the logo.  Does your logo need updating?  Look at it, does it still resemble todays market.  Is it high quality and looks well on everything printed and electronic?  We are finding more and more customers don’t have the original high quality graphic or made their logo themselves which may look dated.  Well, we can help you.  Our design team can either re-create the logo you have, upgrade/modernize it or develop a whole new design/brand.

Our process is simple.  We ask a few questions on the design you are looking for and in turn offer a number of choices that fit your description.  We go back and forth with your specific requests until you are 100% happy.

logos by automated contactsNot sure where to start?  A logo starts with the font and is a very important element in your logo.  Adobe has a great online tool for finding the right font for your business.  The font finder tool from Adobe can be found here: https://www.adobe.com/type/fontfinder/  Then there is color meaning.  A basic simple explanation of colors and what they mean can be found here: https://www.color-wheel-pro.com/color-meaning.html

Here are the latest creations from our design team.  Looking for a new logo?  Go ahead to our store and purchase a logo or contact Automated Contacts.

logo design by Automated Contacts