Reservation Software

Automated Contacts provides solutions to Property Management Companies looking to give condo owners accountability and potentially immediate return on their investment. We have all the necessary software components for Condo and Hotel configurations; Online Reservations, Online Payments, Internal (Front Desk) Reservation Software, Administration System, and Owner Management Systems. Click for more…


Automated Contacts specializes in all the services provided by TripAdvisor.  Reputation management is not an option anymore it is a necessity. But there is more than reputation management. The reality is TripAdvisor is one of the largest and most reputable travel sites on the planet. It now represents in most cases the top referral site on most hotels or property websites. The traffic it generates is enormous.  The business it can create is equally as large but it takes a strategy and a plan.   Click for more…

TripAdvisor Review Express Automated Contacts will show you how to best utilize this feature.
Automated Contacts Internet Booking Engine Automated Contacts is a certified IBE for TripAdvisor
State of the art Online Reservation System Increase online conversions by having a simple easy to use booking site.
How Automated Contacts made a hotel #1 on TripAdvisor With the right system and strategic plan you can be there too.
Amazing Website Design A top 10 resort on TripAdvisor was designed by Automated Contacts

Web Site Development

For over 20 years Automated Contacts have helped businesses create new and existing web site systems into enterprise driven web applications. We offer the following services: Website and Software Development, Web Site Design, Online applications, E-commerce, Marketing, E-marketing, Web site tracking, Public relations and Search Engine Optimization. Click for more…

Online Payment Solutions

Automated Contacts has sample code for developers and a compiled class for, Payjunction, and gateway solutions. Code is written in .NET C#. Click for more…

Email Marketing

Automated Contacts provides an Email Marketing System and stratedgy that works. The best thing is being able to track the results immediately. The Automated Email Marketing System provides very analytical but simple reports. All the email tracking will post in your Google Analytics for complete marketing analysis. Click for more…

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